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'Success is never one person'

From the Reading Eagle (2/12/17):

If you ever met Albert R. Boscov, chances are it was a moment you won't forget.

On Saturday, those who knew the Reading icon shared memories of their funny, caring and charismatic friend.

Kevin S. Barnhardt, Berks County commissioner

Boscov was a pretty unique guy, Barnhardt said.

He was involved in a lot, between running his business and the countless philanthropic efforts he undertook.


"I can only imagine how busy the guy was," Barnhardt said.


But he never seemed to mind.


"Whenever he had a project, he always did his own bidding," Barnhardt said. "He never sent a deputy or a representative. He did his own thing, his own way."


Barnhardt said he can still picture Boscov stopping by to chat about whatever his latest project was.


"He would come into your office with that big bundle of papers he always seemed to have and talk and talk and talk," he said. "He had sold himself on what he wanted and he was going to sell you. He didn't expect someone else to do it for him."

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Berks County awards contact to inspect pedestrian bridge over Schuylkill River

From the Reading Eagle (2/10/17):

The Berks County commissioners have hired a firm to inspect a pedestrian bridge that stretches across the Schuylkill River near Reading Area Community College.

At their meeting Thursday morning, the commissioners awarded a contract to Pickering, Corts & Summerson Inc., of Newtown, Bucks County, for engineering services for an in-depth inspection of the former railroad bridge.

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Berks commissioner wants county to defend residential center

From the Reading Eagle (10/14/16):

A Berks County commissioner said Thursday that the county should be more vocal in defending its operation of the Berks County Residential Center.

Commissioner Kevin S. Barnhardt said the county's contract with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement limits what officials can say about the facility.

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Berks County legal fees pile up over immigration facility

From the Reading Eagle (10/9/16):

The Berks County Residential Center is the focus of not only a political battle, but also a legal one.

Invoices show that the county has been charged nearly $100,000 for legal services since February in the fight to keep the detention center for asylum-seeking families open.


County Commissioner Kevin S. Barnhardt says the payments to the county's legal representation, MacMain Law Group, are necessary to defend the county's operation of the center that has been green-lighted by the state for well over a decade.

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4 mothers at Berks County Residential Center speak about their lives

From the Reading Eagle (10/9/16):

While serving prison sentences, most inmates have a date - a day they will be released or even a parole hearing - that they can look forward to and set as some sort of goal.

The asylum-seeking mothers detained with their children at the Berks County Residential Center are not technically inmates and have no such date to anticipate.

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